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AMOURS : Le DÔ, Karina BISCH , 2019

Oeuvre coproduite par SURPRENANTES & Le Voyage à Nantes, Courtesy de Karina Bisch et l'ADAGP


Moored at Quai Henri Barbusse , our ancient river boat from the 1930s welcomes you in the very heart of Nantes for a little trip along the Erdre river.

 A real flying bubble, this unusual and unexpected place is open to the outside with its large windows, which will offer you a singular view on the city and the river.

The City of Brittany’s Dukes invites you for a strolling walk through its paved streets to discover the amazing wealth of its architecture. As for the river banks, its nature unveils a nice Japanese-like walk in the gardens of the “ile de Versaille”.

 From the morning mist to the setting sun, that sweet excursion between city and nature is governed by the steady rhythm of time. Moreover, who knows, you may be greeted by some mallard ducks when you wake up.

AMOURS : Le D’Ô does propose you another look on Nantes.

Karina BISCH develops an unique artistic vocabulary interspersed with numerous references to geometric art, fashion or dance.
She has developed a particular sensitivity to modernity: irreverent and pragmatic, she replays her 20th century by diverting the presumed universality of her canons.
If Karina BISCH considers herself first and foremost as a painter, she is very interested in the relationship between art and craftsmanship and has been developing the "Painting for Living" project for many years, which offers works of art to wear (scarf, dress, bracelet).

Loving to confront new media, she seized this barge, a former river boat from the 1930s. Cutting, assembling and pasting elementary shapes, Karina BISCH takes here constituent elements of modern art and popular - the grid, the color, the pattern and the composition -, but uses them in an offbeat way, positioning them at an angle and overlapping them. Like a living painting, the barge illuminates the surrounding landscape with its colorful decorations, its patchwork of shapes and signals.


  • Main room with a sitting room
  • 1 double bed
  • 1 bathroom with shower and toilets
  • 1 equipped kitchen

Meal option

New ! Possibility of meal delivery directly in the place.

Starter, main course and dessert for 17€ per person

Starter and main course or main course and dessert 15€ per person

Order has to be made 24H in advance 


  • Artistic Room designed by Karina BISCH in 2019 
  • TV
  • WIFI
  • Coffee machine
  • River boat on the Erdre river


Please do note that children are not allowed aboard the D’O Boat.

 During your stay in that place, all the charges (electricity, cleaning, bed sheet and bathroom towels), the breakfast drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are included.

There is no washing machine there but you can be proposed a dry-cleaning service should you wish so. 

That place can be rent for private or professional events. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Actually only the bookings for each night are accessible via our online booking service. 

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