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La Cabane du Capitaine Nemo II


“ What happened to the Nautilus ? Did it resist Maelstrom’s embraces ? Is Captain Némo still alive ? Did he carry on purchasing his frightening retaliations under the ocean or did he stop in front of its last hecatomb ? Will the seas bring back his whole life story one day? Will I know one day the name of his man ?”    Twenty thousand leagues under the sea – Jules Verne

Maybe you will be able to answer those questions by crossing this old “conciergerie” transformed into the Nautilus ? Inside the place where Nemo is supposed to have retired, under the pen of his creator : Jules Verne 

From the sump of the boat, let’s discover a new universe inspired by the mysterious Captain’s stories


  • 1 bedroom with a double bed
  • 1 sofa bed in the living room
  • 1 equipped kitchen
  • 1 bathroom with shower
  • TV
  • WIFI


All the charges (electricity, cleaning, bed sheet and bathroom towels) and the breakfast drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are included in the stay in that place

No washing machine is provided, however a dry cleaning service may be proposed to you should you ask for one


We have removed for our places all the decorative items that can not be disinfect between each guests (pillows, plaid, books...)
We use professionnel household linen which is washed at 90°C and disinfect in a professional bleaching.
Our housekeeping service has been updated we do respect 3hrs between guests departure and arrival, we disinfect each surface and we ventilate the place we also have systematize the steam cleaning