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Est-il bien prudent d'envoyer des messages aux extras terrestres ?


"I now understood that we should not necessarily put words on emotions to make them exist. Some feelings are subterranean, and nothing can be said without this darkness of the heart. The absence of something does not mean that it does not exist."

David Foenkinos

Isn't it worrying this neither human or animal presence ?

Isn't it ironic ?

Are these weird exposed creatures petrified by the night which oozes and spreads ? Or are they just struck by fascination ?

Creators of Lunar Tree, one of the Estuaire piece of art in Nantes, near by Jules Verne museum ; the two companion Mryzik et Moriceau call you imagination spirit in « Est-il bien prudent d’envoyer des messages aux extras-terrestres ? ».


Breakfast is included for 2 persons

This room is accessible by people with reduced mobility and has its own bathroom in the room.

New !

You may have dinner in the castle ! We have an offer of jars made by "Les Bocos Locos'" 

17.00€ per person for 

  • Terrine or soup or vegetable spread
  • One hot meal 
  • One yogourt and one fruit
  • Bread and coffee included

We may also offer beverages